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28.03.2017 Российские авиакомпании показывают уверенный рост
Пассажирские доставки российскими авиационными компаниями за февраль увеличились на 18,3 процента...

13.03.2017 Почта России открывает новую линию из Китая
Российское транспортное предприятие "Почта России" открыло новую транспортную линию из Китая в Россию...

07.03.2017 Не пропустите весенний праздник!!!
8 марта - легкий, жизнерадостный праздник не только для женщин, но и любящих, ценящих их мужчин. Ведь всегда приятно от того, что можно еще раз подчеркнуть свои чувства и благодарность окружающим нас женщинам....

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Freight air transportations, cargo air transportations

Freight air transportations are irreplaceable, if you need an urgent and delicate delivery of cargo. Air transportations are the most rapid and comfortable method of delivery, and 7-years-old experience of Cargo Transportation Company "AeroTrans Cargo" in this area allows to solve the most intricate problems of our clients, unchanging keeping to the here shortest schedule of delivery and safety of cargoes.

We offer freight air transportations all over the world.
Air traffics of the imported cargoes: on your desire our agent in any country of the world will take away cargo from the storage of Shipper and will deliver in an air-port, will provide the special packing or insurance of cargo, will execute necessary customs formalities and will process accompanying documents in the country of sending, will organize an air freight and will send cargo to any airport, chosen by you.
Also we can offer you further services in the customs clearance of cargo in custom, transit transportation of custom cargo to any settlement of Russia or CIS.

Air traffics of export cargoes: we will organize the air freight of your cargo to any airport of the world, will make custom registration in a custom, on your desire will insure cargo, will organize its customs clearance in the point of destination and its delivery from an airport to storage of eventual recipient.

Also we have partners in transport expedition more than in 30 countries of the world, and we have an opportunity to provide our clients most different services in maintenance of cargo practically in any country.