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24.10.2016 После спада зафиксирован рост объема грузоперевозок авиатранспортом
Стабилизировалась ситуация в авиагрузовой отрасли РФ...

04.10.2016 Amazon опять нарушил правила авиаперевозки опасных грузов
Крупнейшую американскую розничную интернет-компанию Amazon обвинили...

22.09.2016 Virgin Atlantic Cargo продолжат работу в Австралии
Авиаперевозчик Virgin Atlantic Cargo заключил новое долгосрочное соглашение с компанией Virgin Australia...

02.09.2016 Начались грузовые авиаперевозки между Индией и Тайванем
Тайваньская авиакомпания China Airlines Cargo заключила партнерское соглашение...

16.08.2016 Поздравляем с днем авиации России!
В третье по счету воскресенье августа (в 2016 году праздничной датой стало 21 число) отмечается день воздушного флота....

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Dear visitor!

Thank you, that visited our Web page. We are glad to present you a company, whose main task is a help to companies, carrying on foreign economic activity and advancement of commodities to other markets. A basic rule of our work is minimum prices at saving of high quality of services for organizations of air traffics of cargoes, flexible approach to the needs and wishes of The Customer.

About a company

Cargo Transportation Company "AeroTrans Cargo" is the active participant of the Russian market of transport-dispatch services. Being a modern, dynamically developing company, we give the complete complex of services in the inner Russian, export-import and transits freight forwarding by aviation transport. We succeeded to create the developed, reliable system of freight air traffics, the distinguishing feature of which is a clearness, reliability and responsibility.

Basic assignments of our work:

- delivery of oversized and heavy cargoes;
- air transportation of dangerous goods and radio-active materials;
- transporting of industrial and oil equipment.

Geography of flights:

- delivery of blocking the machine hall of Bureyskay Gidro-Electric station;
- transportation of the Moscow circus on a tour to China;
- delivery of helicopters to Chili, Uganda, Sierra-Leone, United Arabian Emirates;
- delivery of super-power power-shovels for mining industry in Chukotka;
- consolidation and transportation of cargoes to the North and Far-Eastern regions of Russia.

Cargo Transportation Company "AeroTrans Cargo" today is the joined command of professionals which on any stage of cargo transportation will be able to advise consultations about questions, which you are interested in, will help to expect a freightage and process necessary documents. Correct organization of skilled policy and healthy atmosphere of the company promotes maximal return of all our employees at any level.